Water moccasin shot is named after the moccasin, which most people enjoy at parties and is well known as the. The common name used for the water moccasin is a venomous snake commonly found in the southeastern region of the United States. 

These snakes are typically found near bodies of water such as swamps, creeks, and rivers and are known for their aggressive behaviour when threatened. This article will share an in-depth introduction and information about water moccasin shot, so keep preceding.

What is a water moccasin shot? 

A drink mixing five ingredients includes whiskey, peach schnapps, a triple sec, sour mix, and sweet syrup. It is strong in taste and is not recommended for boys and girls below 21 years old. There are very easy to make; follow the water moccasin shot recipe.

It gets its name from the strong taste and not because of the moccasin venom, so do not run away listening to the name. Moccasin shots are one of the most preferred drinks in the world. They are strong but still, a smooth drink which is the lifeline of the parties and is easy to make. 

The water moccasin shot is consumed at a high rate because of its unique taste and texture. Mixing all the ingredients gives it a taste that is neither too sweet nor sour, Balancing out the perfect taste. The water moccasin shot is addictive, and one must try it once in a lifetime.

Ingredients required for making water moccasin shot:

The water moccasin shot is popular for parties, teenage hangouts, and bars. There is only a need for five ingredients to create the shot. So let me tell you, what’s in a water moccasin shot? It would be best if you had whisky, peach schnapps, lime juice, triple sec and simple syrup. 

1. Whisky:

You need a whisky of your choice, which does not require to be refined or expensive. You can use whisky of any brand, such as Johnnie Walker, Bulleit Bourbon or Woodford Reserve. If you try the shot at a restaurant, you will probably get crown royal canadian whisky. 

2. Peach schnapps:

Peach schnapps is a mixture of peach flavouring along with neutral grain spirit. It has a sweet, strong and clear taste. Many brands sell schnapps, but one of the renewed ones is Archers. It gives the shot a fruity flavour which suits well for summer.

3. Lime juice:

Lime is a citrus fruit that is circular in shape and green or yellow in appearance. Lime juice can be extracted from any species of lime, such as Persian lime, desert lime, key lime etc. It gives the water moccasin shot a tangy flavour, enhancing its taste.

4. Triple sec:

Triple sec is a variety of liqueur offering the drink an orange flavouring. These liqueurs are easily available in the market. It is rarely consumed but goes well with peach schnapps to make the perfect moccasin shot.

5. Simple syrup:

Syrups are prepared by cooking equal parts of sugar, water, and a little flavouring. It is also used as a sweetener but is generally used for preparing cocktails. Simple syrup is added to the moccasin shot to overpower the strong flavour of whisky.

How to make a water moccasin shot?

The shot is prepared by perfectly mixing the five essential ingredients required to prepare the moccasin shot as follows:-

  • Step 1- Pour whisky, peach schnapps, lime juice, triple sec and simple syrup into a cocktail mix after measuring them.
  • Step 2- Add ice cubes to the cocktail mix and shake it well for at least 10 seconds.
  • Step 3- Pour the mixture into a shot glass and enjoy your water moccasin shot.

One can customize the drink according to their taste by increasing or decreasing the preferred ingredients. There are plenty of options for people who do not prefer alcohol. Different kinds of flavours can be mixed to make the non-alcoholic moccasin shot.

Equipment required to make water moccasin shot:

The basic equipment which is required to make the perfect water moccasin shot is as follows:-

  • Cocktail shaker – a cocktail shaker ensures that all the ingredients are mixed well, giving out their perfect flavour. A glass and a lid to cover the end are also used as a shaker. Transfer all the ingredients into the glass and mix it well to get the moccasin shot.
  • Shot glasses – the water moccasin shot can be consumed in any cup or glass, but the real way to have it is in shot glasses. You get the best vibe of having a water moccasin shot in specially designated glasses.

Variation for the water moccasin shot:

Some alternatives can be used in place of whisky for non-alcoholic people:-

1. Soda or Sprite:

One can choose soda and Sprite if one does not want whisky. The shot gets a similar taste from the Sprite as well. Whisky is authentically used for preparing, so one cannot expect much from the alternative.

2. Pineapple juice:

Pineapple juice is another alternative that gives the shot a smoother and fruity taste. It makes the moccasin shot much lighter than the normal one. Lemon or little orange juice can also enhance the shot’s taste.

3. Mix fruit juice:

Moccasin shots taste more like a cocktail when alternatives are used. To try extraordinary, you can go for a moccasin shot with mixed fruit juices as an alternative. It is even more delicious and is loved by ladies. Follow the steps of the water moccasin shot recipe and the alternative.


In conclusion, the moccasin shot is a mixed drink that typically combines whiskey, peach schnapps, and a sweet and sour mix. Some variations may include lime juice, triple sec, or other fruit-flavoured liqueurs.

One can easily customise the shot according to their taste bud and preferences. It is important to remember that the Water Moccasin shots or any other alcoholic beverages must be consumed in moderation and with caution, as excessive drinking can be dangerous to health. 

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