A tasty and entertaining way to enjoy traditional candy in a novel form is the White Gummy Bear Shot. White Gummy bears and vodka are combined to create this shot, which is a favorite among both partygoers and confectionery aficionados.

People choose drinks and candies together because they offer a sweet and powerful flavor combination that may be quite alluring. The harshness of alcohol can be offset by the sweetness of candy, making drinking more pleasant. The flavors of the candy can also enhance the flavors of the drink, giving it a more complex and enticing flavor.

So in this post, we will tell you all about its sweet history, its inspiration, the ingredients, and its preparation steps. 

A Sweet History: The Rise of Gummy Bears

Before we tell you how to prepare the White Gummy Bear Shot we feel it’s important to know its history. As this might help you to understand why people love this candy so much.

The very first gummy bears were made in Germany in the early 20th century by a confectioner by the name of Hans Riegel Sr. His business Haribo, an acronym for “Hans Riegel, Bonn,” is the place where it was available. The gummy bear soon gained popularity in Germany before eventually arriving in the 1980s in the US.

Today, gummy bears are a favorite among people of all ages and are available in a wide range of flavors and shapes. They are a common ingredient in sweets and drinks and are a mainstay in many confectionery aisles.

The Drink’s Source Of Inspiration:

People enjoy drinks and sweets together because they might generate feelings of nostalgia and bring back childhood memories. Candy is often associated with happy childhood memories for many individuals, and when combined with alcohol, it can evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity.

The White Gummy Bear Shots is one of the most well-known inventions that resulted from experimentation with gummy bears when they became widely used as a treat. This shot has a sweet and fruity flavor that is ideal for any party or special event because it is produced by combining gummy bears and vodka.

The fact that it has a particularly fruity flavor, which you mainly find in traditional candies, may also be the source of inspiration. The drink is as transparent or clear as white gummy bears. But it is more commonly referred to as a white gummy bear shot because they are useful as a garnish.

What Are The Ingredients Required? 

The ingredients necessary for white gummy bear shot recipe drink include:

  1. White Gummy Bears: This candy is virtually always available in nearby convenience stores. But it is clear from the name alone that you must utilize white bears.
  2. Peach Schnapps: Peaches are useful to make the type of alcohol known as Peach Schnapps. It is a sweet, fruity liqueur that is frequently used in drinks. You will require about 15ml of this mix.
  3. Raspberry Vodka: While you can use any flavor of vodka of your preference we suggest using Rasberry Vodka. As it can bring the perfect flavor to this drink. Only ½ oz or 15 ml of vodka is enough.
  4. Lemon-lime Soda: This is also easily available in convenience stores near you. We suggest using Sprite as it is transparent and will result in white gummy bear shots.
  5. Sweet & Sour Mix: You only need a small quantity of 7.5ml sweet & sour mix. So if you wish you can even make it on your own or buy it from stores.

What Are The Tools Needed? 

We suggest these three tools:

  • A Cocktail Shaker
  • Jigger
  • Shot Glasses and White Gummy Bears for garnish.

How To Prepare This Drink?

Given the limited number of ingredients needed for white gummy bear shot recipe, you probably guessed that there aren’t any difficult stages involved.

  1. Take a cocktail Shaker and fill it with ice, add lemon-lime soda, sour mix, schnapps, and vodka. 
  2. Shake it vigorously to ensure a good mixture of the components and the drink is ice-cold.
  3. Last but not least, you must add white gummy bears as a garnish because, without them, the drink name won’t be justified.

Does The Drink Taste Good?

It’s not hard to imagine what the taste might be like given the ingredients employed. It certainly tastes largely sweet and a little sour, like candy. If you combine the inert ingredients above, you’ll get a thick, syrupy liquid that tastes much like gummy bears — sweet and delicious. White gummy bear shot must be garnished with additional gummy bears for an added sweetness kick and is best served in a shot glass.

Why Is This Drink Popular?

People appreciate drinks and candy when they are combined because it offers a distinctive and gratifying flavor. It also evokes pleasant memories, and can be a fun and playful way to enjoy both. Candy may assist to balance off the bitterness or strong flavor of most alcoholic beverages, thus it’s a fantastic method to add sweetness to a beverage.


Shots made of white gummy bears are a tasty and entertaining way to enjoy a superb drink. It is simple to make and you may customize it according to your preferences. White Gummy Bear Shot is sure to be a hit whether you’re hosting a party or are just searching for a sweet treat.

A pleasant and playful way to enjoy both is to drink and eat candy simultaneously. It can make a recommended drinking experience more interesting and unusual.


Q. What kind of flavor does this drink have?

It’s really not difficult to explain the flavor of this drink as the name itself explains it. It is something like sweet and sour candy.

Q. Can you prepare a lot of drinks at once?

Yes, you can definitely make this drink in a bigger batch. Just add the ingredients to a number of shakers and strain them on shot glasses.

Q. What are the main ingredients?

The drink uses peach schnapps, lemon-lime, soda, raspberry vodka, and of course white gummy bears as garnish.

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