Pasta is one of the most popular Italian dishes. It’s made from flour in different shapes and sizes like strips, sheets and many other shapes. There are believed to be six hundred different pasta shapes, making it even more unique. Making pasta dishes does not require great cooking skills. It’s a very comforting dish which can be prepared in minutes. 

This makes it perfect for busy and lazy people. Not only this you can do so many experiments and add your favourite ingredients to pasta to make it your signature dish. So if you want to try new pasta dishes read further below. We present to you the best pasta dishes you must try. 

Pasta Con Pomodoro E Basilico:

If you are craving some Italian Pasta Con Pomodoro E Basilico is the best choice for you. It is prepared with soft-boiled pasta, olive oil, fresh juicy red tomatoes, basil and other fresh ingredients. It’s very easy and quick to prepare. You can also add grated creamy cheese to its tangy flavour to make it even more delicious. 

Whole Wheat Pasta:

Whole wheat pasta is for health-conscious people. It’s made with whole wheat which makes it healthy. You can even make this spaghetti at home. It’s made with fresh veggies, juicy tomatoes, tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and other spices and creamy cheese. It’s a good idea to feed your kids something healthy yet delicious. 

Four Cheese Pasta:

The four-cheese pasta when melts in the mouth are the most satisfying dish. Made with four different types of cheese it’s perfect for cheese lovers. You can even add roasted mushrooms, ground chicken or steak to it. This will make it even more delectable. It has a straightforward recipe and can be cooked within fifteen minutes. Every pasta lover should try this Italian cuisine. 

Butter Chicken Pasta:

This Indian-style butter chicken pasta has very authentic flavours of spices. It’s made with boiled pasta, ground juicy chicken, Indian spices and fresh tomatoes. The flavour of spices and tomatoes gives it a perfect balance. With the brilliant idea of combining butter chicken with pasta, you can taste India and Italy on your plate at the same time. 

Home Style Baked Pasta:

Homestyle baked pasta is another mouthwatering delicious Italian dish. This pasta has healthy fresh vegetables, tomatoes, and lots of cheese and is garnished with breadcrumbs. It is baked which makes it even more healthy. This colourful crispy crust, creamy cheese and soft-boiled pasta will leave you wanting more. 

Mac And Cheese White Cheddar:

Mac and cheese white cheddar is perfect for holidays. With just a few ingredients and less than thirty minutes, you can make this delicious belly-filling dish. You need pasta, cheese, onion, heavy cream and white cheddar. This super creamy and flavourful dish will fill your holidays with even more joy. 

Mascarpone Pesto Pasta:

Mascarpone pesto pasta is another delectable easy and quick to make. It’s made with simple ingredients like mascarpone cheese. This gives the pasta sauce a silky texture and makes it light. Tomatoes add freshness and basil for their authentic flavour. This quick Italian pasta recipe is perfect for impressing your friends and family. 

Spaghetti And Meatballs:

Spaghetti and meatballs is an Italian American dish. It’s a perfect dish for people who enjoy meat with pasta. This healthy and delicious pasta recipe is made with long-boiled spaghetti, fresh tomatoes, tomato sauce and juicy tender meatballs. This super yummy and appetizing pasta dish will leave its mark on your mind forever. These are some of the most flavoursome pasta dishes you must try even once in your life.