Lean, nutritious, and absolutely delicious are the qualities of these ground bison recipes!

When Ted Turner launched the first Ted’s Montana Grill in Ohio in the early 2000s, bison, which was not one of the more widely consumed meats in the United States, started to acquire appeal.

These ground bison recipes are some of my all-time favourite ways to prepare the protein if you’re thinking about trying it out or if you’re already a fan.

Bison meat has a higher iron content than ground beef and a softer, sweeter, and more delicate flavour.

If you’re dieting, it’s a fantastic option because it’s leaner and contains fewer calories than beef.

What Is Bison?

American bison are enormous creatures with a noticeable hump. They are widespread in both the US and Canada. They require a big amount of land because they graze on wide meadows. On farms, they aren’t frequently domesticated or raised in herds. Because of this, bison meat is more expensive and less common than beef.

Despite the fact that they are frequently confused, bison and buffalo are not the same. The meat in ‘buffalo burgers’ may actually be bison. However, buffalo are found in Asia and Africa.

Bison Nutritional Value:

The flavour of bison meat is rich and sweet. It is both healthful and simple to prepare because it has little saturated fat.

Meat from bison is healthful. A 100-gram serving has 146 calories, 7 grammes of fat, and 20 grammes of protein. It hardly contains any fibre or carbs. Small levels of iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and other minerals are also present in bison meat.

All 20 essential amino acids for humans are present in bison meat, making it a complete protein source. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), an anti-inflammatory substance, is another component of bison meat. 

Why Do People Like Ground Bison Recipes?

Bison is also said to have a richer flavour and a smoother mouthfeel, according to some. Bison and beef can be prepared similarly due to their adaptability and similar flavour qualities. Both can be consumed as steaks, or ground meat can be added to burgers, meatballs, chilli, and tacos, among other foods.

10 Ground Bison Recipes You Should Try:

1. Bison Meatballs:

Bison is the way to go if you’re searching for a leaner, healthier substitute for ground beef.

In comparison to ground beef, it has fewer calories, as I’ve already said. Additionally, it has higher protein, iron, and B12. 

Additionally, you can prepare a dozen of these delicious meatballs in less than 30 minutes.

They can be used in any recipe that calls for meatballs made of ground beef. 

The breadcrumbs give them the ideal texture, while the Worcestershire sauce and Italian seasonings give them even more flavour.

2. Bison Burger: 

These hearty, delectable bison burgers are simple to prepare if you know how to cook a burger. Your patties will be shaped and spiced to your preferences before being cooked in a skillet or on a grill. To ensure that the cheese melts and becomes all gooey and melty, add the cheese while the patty is still hot.

3. Mexican Bison Bake:

Without a doubt, this is my favourite recipe on the list. It’s simply so jam-packed with, um, everything! This dish also includes black beans, tomatoes, tortilla chips, cheddar cheese, onions, salsa, and a tonne of herbs and spices. It also calls for one pound of mince bison and six ounces of penne pasta. 

It’s amazing! It’s crunchy, spicy, cheesy, and has a very definite Mexican flavour. 

When it’s finished, you may add your favourite toppings, such as onions, cilantro-lime sour cream, and more. 

4. Harvest Bowl With Ground Bison:

This dish is stunning and ideal for the autumn. This recipe is a great way to showcase your home country’s cuisine if you are from North America since it is made with regional components. 

By using materials they discovered on the land, Native Americans could have had a supper quite similar to this a hundred years ago. The bison provides the protein.

Along with various indigenous herbs and spices, there are shallots, turnips, mushrooms, potatoes, squash, sage, and maple syrup.

5. Bison Pasta:

Making this spaghetti is incredibly simple. It simply needs pantry basics and can be prepared in about 30 minutes, except for the bison. It blends flawlessly with tomato sauce and Italian seasonings and has a great flavour that is fresher than beef. 

6. Bison Black Bean Chili:

Homemade chilli is unrivalled when it comes to hearty, warming foods for the autumn and winter. The ideal lunch for cooler weather. Chilli made with bison and black beans are superior to most. Because of the bison and the chilli powder, it already has a pleasant, earthy, and spicily flavour.

It gets much more tasty when you add the red wine, bulgur, black beans, corn, onions and garlic. For a fuller, richer flavour, you may also add a teaspoon of coffee.

7. Bison Shepherd’s Pie:

With shepherd’s pie, you can hardly go wrong. Almost any type of meat or vegetable can be used, but this recipe asks for bison, carrots, onions, and peas. The fluffy potatoes will be placed on top of the meat and vegetable mixture, which forms the pie’s base.

It’s like getting an amazing dish that combines a complete plate of food. It’s nourishing, satisfying, and the pinnacle of comfort food made at home. If you choose, you may increase the amount of vegetables.

8. Bison Sweet Potato Hash:

Breakfast with bison? No problem, if I may! You can have this vibrant, flavorful hash for pretty much any meal, but when I have the ingredients on hand, I prefer to have it for breakfast.

Even though it has a tonne of delicious ingredients including bison, sweet potatoes, onions, peppers, and fried eggs, cooking it just takes approximately 35 minutes. 

Only the best hash has a crunchy, sticky texture like this one, which is somewhat sweet.

9. Macaroni And Cheese With Ground Bison:

This dish is similar to cheeseburger macaroni; only it’s made with ground bison instead of ground beef, and it has a bit more spice and flavour to it.

This is thanks mainly to the onions, garlic, green pepper, and tomato bouillon. 

The apple-smoked cheddar cheese is also an excellent addition that takes the dish – forgive my cliche – from ordinary to extraordinary. 

10. Bison Bolognese:

For those who prefer their pasta to be slightly spicy and meaty, bolognese sauce is one of the greatest choices. Traditional bolognese doesn’t taste much different overall, but the addition of the bison does make it taste slightly sweeter. 

This sauce is quite tasty thanks to the sweetness as well as the heat and spice from the peppers, onions, garlic, oregano, and pepper flakes. 


We’ve discovered that there are a lot of wonderful, ground bison recipes you may enjoy. Any recipe that calls for ground beef can actually be substituted. Just be more cautious about the cooking times and temperatures.

These ten new dishes are perfect if you want to try cooking bison for the first time or just boost your cooking skills. 

Less fat and the mouthwatering beef flavour you adore are both present in bison ground recipes made with ground bison. And ground beef is becoming more and more popular as people hunt for healthier food options.


Q. Is Ground Bison A Healthy Food?

The flavour of bison meat is rich and sweet. It is both healthful and simple to prepare because it has little saturated fat. Meat from bison is healthful. A 100-gram serving has 146 calories, 7 grammes of fat, and 20 grammes of protein.

Q. Why Is Bison Preferable To Beef?

Bison has one of the highest protein densities among the popular meats, and it contains considerably less fat and calories than beef. Three to six times as much Omega-3 fatty acids are present in a serving of bison that has been fed only grass.

Q. Is Bison Ground Expensive?

Why Does Bison Meat Cost So Much? There are a number of significant factors why bison is more expensive than beef. Bison is one of the most difficult to find of all the meats that Americans are accustomed to. The cost of a delicious and tender bison cut will be higher than that of a comparable cut of beef.

Q. Is Bison Ground Simple To Digest?

Those who have a red meat aversion may find it simpler to digest because bison meat is also non-allergenic. As naturally as possible, bison are grown. Bison meat contains NO traces of drugs, steroids, or growth hormones. Bison meat is an obvious choice for healthy eating for the modern consumer who is health conscious.

Q. Is Chicken Healthier Than Bison?

According to the USDA, bison is unquestionably a superior option because it has a lot less fat and calories, less cholesterol, and more protein, iron, and vitamin B-12 than beef, pork, chicken, and salmon. Because of how they are raised, bison have a high nutritional value.

Q. Does Bison Have A High Cholesterol Content?

A 3-ounce, grass-fed, cooked bison burger includes 152 calories, 7 grammes of total fat, and 3 grammes of saturated fat. The same serving of bison has 60 milligrammes of cholesterol, excellent amounts of vitamin B12, and good amounts of iron.

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